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Annual General Meeting for Approval of Work Plan and Corporate Budget Year 2011

Located in the main meeting room President Director of PT. PELNI as a majority shareholder of PT. SBN, on Thursday, January 20, 2011 has held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for Approval of Work Plan and Corporate Budget Year 2011.


Training of Computerized Systems

Located in Nam Center Hotel, Kemayoran - Jakarta, in November 22 – 25th, 2010 headoffice of PT. Sarana Bandar Nasional was held computerized systems of oracle applications for financial and human resources inhouse training for the entire branch office of PT. SBN.


Share Holders General Meeting for endorsement the Management Report of 2009

Jakarta, June 1, 2010 held at the main meeting room the President Director of PT. Pelni as a shareholder has held share holders general meeting for endorsement the management report  of 2009.


Addition of 2 (two) units of the new Truck Fleet in Timika branch

To accelerate the company's vision as " To be an excelling and foremost total logistic company on domestic sea transportation”.  and in order to improve customer satisfaction, the company has been committed and focused to improve the performance of production equipment.

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Loading and discharging activity from or to the ship includes: Stevedoring, cargodoring, Receiving / delivery.


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Network activity of managing goods from shipper to be sent to the consignee using land and sea mode transportation

Marine Terminal Operator

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To provide the facility such as wharf, warehouse, loading and discharging equipments, and open storage

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