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PT Sarana Bandar Nasional 

 PT. Sarana Bandar Nasional (SBN) is a subsidiary company of PT. PELNI (Persero), one of the leading shipping company in Indonesia. The main activity of the company are : Stevedoring, Forwarding, and Marine Terminal Operator. Besides supporting the holding company’s activity, PT. SBN also serve other companies that located in all the country.

Company History

PT. Sarana Bandar Nasional also known as PT. SBN was established on 31st of March, 1986. In the beginning, the main activity of PT. Sarana Bandar Nasional is to provide loading and discharging cargo (stevedoring) included cargo dooring, receiving/delivery of cargo from and to the ship for the holding company and other companies as well.

In 1998, the company decided to expand their activity area into cargo ship expedition service also known as Ekspedisi Muatan Kapal Laut (EMKL), that until now is the supporting business of the main activity of the company.

The business area of PT. Sarana Bandar Nasional has covering in all area of the country, supported by 57 branches and sub branches that are operated in big and small ports with their head office in Jakarta.

In 2000 PT. Sarana Bandar Nasional had cooperated with Stevedoring company to operate Terminal Operator ”F” includes wharf, open storage and Warehouse 108

In 2005, the company won tender for the operation of ”K” terminal owned by State owned Port Corporation II (Pelindo II) branch Tanjung Priok. The terminal consists of wharf, open storage and 3( three ) warehouse of 005, 006 and 007.

Company Vision

To be an excelling and foremost total logistic company on domestic sea transportation.

Company Mission

  • To give a competitive service in logistic business for the ships that belong to holding company and others
  • To support the port performance for movement goods
  • To give an optimal contribution for the s tock holder , government, employees and environment .
  • To increase company 's value that is built through creativity, innovation and human resource competence.

Corporate Culture

  • Honesty
    SBN's employees always Highly believe on trust and openness as the realization of Good Corporate Governance
  • Service excellence
    SBN's employees always Highly believe in a solid teamwork to achieve a maximum result.
  • Continuous learning
    SBN's employees always give the best service through creativity and innovation
  • Team Work
    SBN's employees n ever stop learning to achieve to be the best

President Director

Finance Director
Chief Commissioner

Panusunan P Pakpahan
Akhmad Muchlasin Rosyid

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Our existence

With 57 branch and sub-branch offices spread over the country makes us as one of the company which having the widest network on the industry.

Residing in the middle of our customer to give the best service makes our network bigger & stronger.


Customer satisfaction has always been the main focus in our service. Our endless effort to upgrade the equipments to fulfill demand  the speed of service and accuration of works demand. Upholding safety and healthy work, 9001 ISO and 18001 OHSAS as proof of our seriousness. The basic values that we profess has become the commitment in every step carried out by management and all employees.

Quickly Service, Natty of work

With the experience for more than 22 years and supported by reliable human resources & equipments makes us the quickest on the service and the nattiest in every works.

Customer Focus

Our high integrity makes us always focus on the customer.